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Six Card Poker

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Six Card Poker
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In Six Card Poker™ you play against the dealer for the best five-card poker hand. You get to see half of the dealer’s hand (three cards,) and you can bet more money if you think you have the better hand. The Aces Up side bet pays with a pair of Aces or better and pays regardless of whether or not you beat the dealer.
Payouts, Odds and Probability:

A simple overview of the payouts, betting odds and probabilities for Six Card Poker.

Ante Bet Analysis
Wager pays if the player's best five card hand beats the dealer's bets five card hand.
OutcomeDealer QualifiesNet WinCombinationsProbabilityReturn
Player Wins yes 2 1,040,023,036,938,350 0.272693 0.545387
Player Wins no 1 755,514,209,224,548 0.198095 0.198095
Ties yes 0 210,847,746,240 0.000055 0.000000
Ties no 0 50,992,983,876 0.000013 0.000000
Fold - -1 1,149,186,512,820,950 0.301316 -0.301316
Dealer Wins no -1 2,937,744,249,924 0.000770 -0.000770
Dealer Wins yes -2 865,968,968,971,212 0.227056 -0.454113
House Edge is 1.27%.

Aces Up Side Bet Analysis
Wager pays if the player's best five card hand has a pair of Aces or higher, regardless of the dealer's hand.
Royal flush 500 188 0.000009 0.004617
Straight flush 100 1,656 0.000081 0.008134
Four of a kind 30 14,664 0.000720 0.021609
Full house 10 165,984 0.008153 0.081530
Flush 8 205,792 0.010108 0.080867
Straight 6 361,620 0.017763 0.106576
Three of a kind 4 732,160 0.035963 0.143853
Two pair 2 2,532,816 0.124411 0.248821
Aces 1 751,332 0.036905 0.036905
Loser -1 15,592,308 0.765886 -0.765886
House Edge is 3.30%.
Casinos that have Six Card Poker:

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Sycuan Casino
Sycuan Casino
San Diego, CA
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