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Bonus Six
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Bonus Six is a poker based game card game, popular in the casinos of Black Hawk, Colorado. As in five-card stud the player gets cards gradually and must keep raising to stay in or fold. The twist in this game is that if the player buys insurance initially he has the option to buy a sixth card if he needs one.
Payouts, Odds and Probability:
A simple overview of the payouts, betting odds and probabilities for Bonus Six.
Pay Table for Bonus Six
Royal flush 1000 to 1
Straight flush100 to 1
Four of a kind50 to 1
Full house20 to 1
Flush6 to 1
Straight4 to 1
Three of a kind3 to 1
Two pair2 to 1
High pair (6-ace)1 to 1

Statistics Table for Bonus Six - No Insurance
Nothing113123040.217631-1 to 1-0.652894
High pair93695040.1802551 to 10.540765
Two pair18392400.0353842 to 10.212305
Three of a kind8876400.0170773 to 10.153691
Straight1406400.0027064 to 10.032468
Flush1021600.0019656 to 10.035377
Full house748800.00144120 to 10.086435
Four of a kind124800.0002450 to 10.036014
Straight flush7200.000014100 to 10.004156
Royal flush800.0000021000 to 10.004617
Fold on 3 cards275184000.529412-1 to 1-0.529412
Fold on 4 cards7211520.013874-1 to 1-0.027748

Statistics Table for Bonus Six - With Insurance
Nothing9036926880.369908-1 to 1-1.109723
High pair8878379640.3634181 to 11.090254
Two pair1557622440.0637582 to 10.382548
Three of a kind596881440.0244323 to 10.219889
Straight237713280.009734 to 10.116764
Flush161783360.0066226 to 10.119201
Full house35193600.00144120 to 10.086435
Four of a kind5865600.0002450 to 10.036014
Straight flush877440.000036100 to 10.010775
Royal flush37600.0000021000 to 10.004617
Fold on 3 cards2878565760.117828-1 to 1-0.117828
Fold on 4 cards1040376960.042586-1 to 1-0.085171
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