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Three Card Poker
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casiKNOW details for Three Card Poker.
Three Card Poker
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Rating: 3.50
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Three Card Poker incorporates two modes of play. The Ante and Play wagers play in competition on the player hand against the dealer hand. The Pair Plus wager is paid on a pay scale basis that the player hand will be a pair or better. In most casinos both the Ante and the Pair Plus are optional, but there are some casinos in which the Ante is mandatory. After all Ante and Pair Plus wagers are placed, three cards are dealt to each player and the dealer. Players that have placed the Ante wager have a choice to either fold or continue in the game by placing a Play wager equal to the Ante. Hands are then exposed and wagers resolved. The dealer hand must be Queen high or better for the dealer hand to play. If the dealer does not play, then there is no action on Play wagers and Ante wagers are paid 1 to 1. If the dealer does play, the dealer and player hands are compared. If the player hand loses, both the Ante and Play wagers lose. If the player hand wins both the Ante and Play wagers are paid 1 to 1. If the hands are tied, then there is no action on the Ante and Play wagers. An additional feature is the Ante Bonus, which is paid to the Ante wager for a straight or better. The Ante Bonus is paid on a pay scale and is paid regardless of whether the dealer plays and regardless of whether the dealer or the player has the best hand. The typical Ante Bonus paytable pays 5 to 1 for a straight flush, 4 to 1 for a three of a kind, and 1 to 1 for a straight. The Pair Plus wager loses if the player has less than a pair and wins with a pair or better. The payoff applies regardless of the dealer hand, as the Pair Plus wager is not in competition against the dealer hand
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Payouts, Odds and Probability:
A simple overview of the payouts, betting odds and probabilities for Three Card Poker.
Three Card Poker Hands and Probabilities
Hand Combinations Probability
Straight flush 48 0.002172
Three of a kind 52 0.002353
Straight 720 0.032579
Flush 1096 0.049593
Pair 3744 0.169412
Ace High or Less 16440 0.743891

Pair Plus Optional Bet Return Table
Wager pays if player has a pair or better.
Hand Payout Combinations Probability Return
Straight Flush 40 to 1 48 0.002172 0.086878
Three of a Kind 30 to 1 52 0.002353 0.070588
Straight 6 to 1 720 0.032579 0.195475
Flush 3 to 1 1096 0.049593 0.148778
Pair 1 to 1 3744 0.169412 0.169412
All Other -1 to 1 16440 0.743891 -0.743891
Casinos that have Three Card Poker:
List of casinos where you can find Three Card Poker.
Agua Caliente Casino
Agua Caliente Casino
Rancho Mirage, CA
Ameristar East Chicago
Ameristar East Chicago
East Chicago, IN
ARIA Resort & Casino
ARIA Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
Augustine Casino
Augustine Casino
Coachella, CA
Reviews for Three Card Poker:
casiKNOW community reviews and commentary for Three Card Poker.
Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3
One of my favorites
Ahhh.... three card poker! Some people call it a slot machine with cards but I call it my favorite table game. Simple rules, simple payouts, and one of the few table card games I have been able to play at length and even come out ahead at times. Staying power is the key to this game, manage your bets wisely and hold out for the big hands - three of a kind, straight, etc.
7 found this review helpful.
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