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Blue Water Casino Parker
Parker, AZ
Hotel Details for Blue Water Casino Parker:
Hotel Overview:
At Blue Water Casino Parker every room has a view overlooking the majestic Colorado River. BlueWater Resort Marina Level rooms allow guests direct access to the Marina boat docks, which are conveniently located right outside the patio doors. They also offer junior suites and spectacular two-room suites, all featuring a refrigerator, wet bar and a patio. DetailsOpen in New Window
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Phone Reservations888-243-3360
Blue Water Casino Parker - Casino Tower - Standard Double Queen
Casino Tower - Standard Double Queen (365 square feet)
Blue Water Casino Parker - Casino Tower - Standard King
Casino Tower - Standard King (365 square feet)
Blue Water Casino Parker - Deluxe Suite - King
Deluxe Suite - King (924 square feet)
Blue Water Casino Parker - Junior Suite - King
Junior Suite - King (560 square feet)
Hotel Smoking Policy:
Hotel has smoking rooms available.Hotel has both smoking and non-smoking rooms available.
Hotel Pet Policy:
Hotel is pet friendly.Pet Friendly Rooms Available.
Notable Amenities:
Hotel offers outdoor cabanas for guests to relax in.
Fitness Center
Fitness Center available for guests at the hotel.
Flat Screen Television
Hotel has rooms available with a flat screen television in them.
Golf Course
Hotel contains a golf resort nearby or on the premises for guests.
Hair Dryer
Hair dryer available in the room.
In-room Coffee/Tea
Guests receive complimentary coffee and/or tea in their rooms.
In-room Refrigerator
Guests rooms are available with a refrigerator or mini-fridge in the room.
Indoor Pool
Indoor pool available for guests.
The hotel has a marina available for guests requiring a boat slip.
Private Terrace/Balcony
Guest rooms have a private terrace or balcony available.
RV Park/Oversized Vehicle Parking
Casino has an RV Park or oversized vehicle parking available for guests.
WiFi Internet
Wireless internet available to all guests.
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