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Hotel Details for Casablanca Resort, Casino, Golf and Spa:
Hotel Overview:
Guests at the Casablanca Resort, Casino, Golf and Spa can enjoy amenities including 11 different golf courses and a full service luxury spa and salon. DetailsOpen in New Window
Online ReservationsOnlineOpen in New Window
Phone Reservations877-438-2929
Standard - Double Queen
Standard with Pool View - Double Queen
Hotel Smoking Policy:
Hotel has smoking rooms available.Hotel has both smoking and non-smoking rooms available.
Hotel Pet Policy:
Pets are not permitted in the hotel.No Pets Allowed.
Notable Amenities:
Conference/Meeting Rooms
Guest can book meetings at the conference room in this hotel.
Fitness Center
Fitness Center available for guests at the hotel.
Flat Screen Television
Hotel has rooms available with a flat screen television in them.
Golf Course
Hotel contains a golf resort nearby or on the premises for guests.
Hair and Salon Service
Hotel has hair and salon services available for guests.
Room Service
In-room dining available for guests who stay at the hotel.
RV Park/Oversized Vehicle Parking
Casino has an RV Park or oversized vehicle parking available for guests.
Hotel offers spa services.
WiFi Internet
Wireless internet available to all guests.
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