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Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel
Jackson, CA
Hotel Details for Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel:
Hotel Overview:
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Deluxe - King
Deluxe - Queen
Executive Suite (900 square feet)
Junior Suite (650 square feet)
Hotel Smoking Policy:
Hotel is smoke free.Smoking is not permitted in the hotel.
Hotel Pet Policy:
Hotel permits service pets only.Hotel permits service pets only.
Notable Amenities:
Accessible Guest Rooms
Guest rooms designed for guests with accessibility needs such as those who require wheelchair accessibility, grab bars in the showers and bath, wider entry doors, and more.
Hotel has a gaming arcade available for guests.
Conference/Meeting Rooms
Guest can book meetings at the conference room in this hotel.
Hotel has rooms available with a desk/work area in them.
Flat Screen Television
Hotel has rooms available with a flat screen television in them.
Gift Shop
Gift Shop available for guests at the hotel.
RV Park/Oversized Vehicle Parking
Casino has an RV Park or oversized vehicle parking available for guests.
Shuttle Service
Provides guests with shuttle service to and from the hotel.
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