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Hotel Details for Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino:
Hotel Overview:
Located in the beautiful Barona Valley, San Diego, Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino guests can enjoy a wide array of amenities ranging from their luxury resort day spa to resort golf and casino gaming. DetailsOpen in New Window
Online ReservationsOnlineOpen in New Window
Phone Reservations877-287-2624
Deluxe - Double Queen (428 square feet)
Deluxe - King Bed (428 square feet)
Hotel Smoking Policy:
Hotel has smoking rooms available.Hotel has both smoking and non-smoking rooms available.
Hotel Pet Policy:
Hotel permits service pets only.Hotel permits service pets only.
Notable Amenities:
Business Center
Hotel has a business center available for guests.
Fitness Center
Fitness Center available for guests at the hotel.
Golf Course
Hotel contains a golf resort nearby or on the premises for guests.
In-room Coffee/Tea
Guests receive complimentary coffee and/or tea in their rooms.
Outdoor Pool
Hotel has an outdoor pool for guests.
Room Service
In-room dining available for guests who stay at the hotel.
Hotel offers spa services.
WiFi Internet
Wireless internet available to all guests.
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