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46200 Harrison Pl
Coachella, CA 92236
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Due to closures and operational changes at some casinos during the pandemic, some dining establishments may be temporarily closed or operating with limited service and hours.
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FAQ (3):
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, policies and programs may change. Answers to frequently asked questions may change. The answers below are accurate as of the date notated. We encourage you to visit the official site of this casino for additional information.
| Nov 17, 2020
Your past Free Play offers will not carry over. Your weekly offers will continue and have been re-issued as normal based on your play leading up to the closure.
| Nov 17, 2020
Yes. If you have a slot ticket that expired during the closure, Spotlight 29 Casino will still honor it for the next 30 days after reopening. Please stop by the cage for more information and to redeem your ticket.
| Nov 17, 2020
Yes. Face masks are mandatory for team members and patrons.
Reviews for Spotlight 29 Casino:
casiKNOW community reviews and commentary for Spotlight 29 Casino.
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Spotlight robery
This place is a joke the only way you can win is if a worker is by you and that means uniform or not also if you star wining the will start walking by you to stop you from winning or have cleaning crew come next to you or there is a more code they use with the slots that can still your creidets if you don't pay attachen then if you tell the slot atendet to fix it the play stuped to by them time so a tech can fix it from behind walls . So if you see someone winning they 84% it the time they work for the casino so even if you pick up a gril and taker here home she is playing you even if you no them for years or if you go to ssdc they lie straight to your face. So also if your in the area for a while the only weman that are around are gross infected. So what this means is if you some how do win they will fallow to you normal life and if you make a mistake they will be right there to make ship you will pay in some way this is for shariffs not real cops Shariff just do as there told to by the casino I have Moore to say but I have to start pull tickets of machines to try and get some money for gas and food and a room. The whoever will only let me have a sertan amount of money in my dayley life so that it is almost impalsabul to win anny kind of money that would keep you form come back hens larg amount Just no they new you were coming before you got there the sit
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