New Website Feature: Light Mode

One of the most requested features for our site was the ability to view the content in a lighter theme.

So we listened!

We've just released a new feature on the site that lets you toggle between the current "Dark Mode" theme and a new "Light Mode" theme.

Many users, especially those trying to browse the site on mobile devices in a bright setting, said the content was difficult at times to read. For those who prefer a lighter background with darker text, we've implemented a new "Light Mode" which can be toggled on or off by utilizing the Dark Mode/Light Mode toggle located on the far right of the top menu bar.

As this is a new feature, and there was a lot of content to theme, there may be pages that aren't fully compatible with the new themes. If you happen to notice a page with issues, we'd appreciate it if you could mention it in the comments below and we'll work on fixing it ASAP.

Thanks again for your continue feedback and support of casiKNOW.

-casiKNOW Staff

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