casiKNOW Casino Guide App v5.2

The latest version of the casiKNOW Casino Guide App v5.2 for iOS devices is now available: casiKNOW on the App Store

Not to be outdone by the web team, our app team just released a new version of the app with the same dark mode/light mode feature added on our website (and other features too of course).

5.2 Release Notes:

New Feature:

- You can now toggle between dark and light themes by toggling the Light Mode option in the settings screen. The app will initially default to the theme your device is using (Dark or Light).

Issues Fixed:

- Text fields will now move up for full visibility when the keyboard is presented on the screen.

- Player Rewards section will now display properly on the Casino Details menu for casinos that have player rewards programs.

- App fonts and font sizes have been improved for easier reading on all device sizes and for both dark and light themes.

- Recently Viewed search results will no longer disappear when clearing the search text field.

- "Done" buttons added to the keyboard interface for dismissing the keyboard.

- Performance optimizations and ui improvements throughout the app for all device sizes and orientations.

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